0.08MM ST-080 Non-oriented Silicon Steel (ST-series)

Ideal for high-efficiency motors with both low loss and miniaturization

  • It is an ideal material for motor cores, etc., because its magnetic properties are isotropic. The thinness allows extremely low iron loss in the high rotation range, and by having a higher magnetic flux density than other materials, it is possible to achieve both high efficiency and miniaturization.
Non-oriented Silicon Steel ST-series high-efficiency motors with both low loss and miniaturization
0.08MM st080 st050 st100 st080 st150 thin gauge nippon electrical steel coil

Application example

Non-oriented Silicon Steel ST-series Application example


Low Loss

By reducing the plate thickness, eddy currents can be suppressed and loss can be reduced.


It has a high magnetic flux density and contributes to the miniaturization of motors, etc.

Optimal Range of Use

It has a higher magnetic flux density than other materials at a working frequency of 400Hz to 40kHz, making it possible to reduce the size of motors, etc.

Insulating Coating

A superior insulating coating maximizes material properties. The coating has a high heat resistance temperature and can maintain a stable coating even at high temperatures (up to 850°C).

Raw Material

Fe (0.003)Si steel (raw material of Nippon Steel Corporation) is used for ultra-thin electrical steel strips. A highly reliable electromagnetic steel strips material with a track record of over 50 years of use.

Material properties

st050 0.05MM Non-oriented Silicon Steel ST-series Material properties
st050 0.05MM non-oriented silicon steel st series material properties curve